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Frank is an attorney in his early fifties who has been struggling with growing his business past a set plateau for the last three years. Hating the idea of a “bossy consultant,” Frank decided to try working with a Professional Business Coach. He has since become such a believer that he’s using RPM Success-Coaching for organizational development and private coaching for his top performers. Here’s what he had to say after just one month of coaching:

“It’s not easy for a business owner to realize that old ways produce old results. It’s even harder to acknowledge and change those old ways.

In just our first few hours coaching together you helped me uncover and develop a plan to address the specific areas for improvement in my business that I’ll have the most leverage in. (By the way — I’ve been struggling with this challenge, and accepting meager profits because of it, for the last five years.)

You’ve been asking some tough, targeted questions that have allowed me to organize my thoughts like I’ve never done before – and that’s saying a lot for a trial attorney. Your line of questioning enabled me to describe my company to an outsider in a way I’ve never done before. The weak spots that were graphically revealed will equip us to focus all our energy on these areas right away instead of scattering our limited time to improve systems.

Thanks for your insight! I think the revolving door I was considering to handle my staff turnover won’t have to be installed after all.”

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