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Steve and Gail are a husband-and-wife team who came to us with a lot on their plate, to say the least. When they started their coaching program, Steve was just preparing to leave the corporate world and start his own consulting business. Gail already had her own business and was looking to restructure the company to not only be profitable and more self-running, but also to be fun and fulfilling. To top it all off, they were both active in buying and selling residential real-estate investment properties and looking for other ways to create cash flow. Although we ascribe to the theory of Multiple Streams of Income, Steve and Gail had a little too much on their plate to focus effectively. They both quickly realized that the clear focus gained from their coaching saved them a year or two of costly trial and error. Here’s what they have to say:

“Without ever meeting Steve or me in person, you were able to identify our complimentary strengths and show us how to apply them for maximum results. Starting right from day one with the foundation of the assessments, you saved us months of valuable time by alerting us to business issues that we might encounter in the future, and you helped us plan in advance for future responsibilities based on our strengths.

In just a few weeks we were headed in the right direction. Your coaching insight was a much-needed blessing for us. Best of all, we are confident that as new entrepreneurs, we are equipped with solid money-making skills that will allow us to achieve our business and lifestyle goals … no matter what the economy is doing!

Through your coaching we’ve learned how to make more solid business decisions, improve our real estate investing and management skills, and you’ve introduced us to so many new or rarely publicized methods of investing. Since our coaching started, Steve started a new business (and a new career) and is months ahead on his projected cash flow, and I have improved the bottom line on my business substantially — almost two fold in the last three months!”

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