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As a natural skeptic, I was impressed by your ability to get right to the core of the issues slowing our progress. You really know what you’re talking about. We’re always looking for ways to help our employees work toward our common goals, while maintaining the individuality and creativity that makes our industry what it is. The hotel industry is staffed by people who love to interact with others, but may not always understand why. That’s always been my greatest challenge as a leader.But you have the perfect combination of coaching, assessments and group learning solutions to help that process along greatly. The resources that we’ve utilized in yearly retreats have brought the teams (across all departments) together into one big cohesive team. Just about everyone involved now has a noticeably better appreciation of how all departments are necessary for a successful hotel operation. Most of all you’ve laid out the prcatical steps and given us the insight needed to assure continued success — both professionally and personally.

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