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Aloha I’m CoachDeb
My Mission Is To Help You Do More Business Online In 2020
(without ever leaving your home.)

21 Days after 9/11, I quit my day job, and was on a plane headed to Hawaii, non-stop from Newark, New Jersey to start doing business online full-time. 

My Family & Friends all thought I was crazy to quit my “secure job” especially after I climbed the ladder to become #2 in the company.

“You’re going to … Tele-what? Tele-Conference? With your clients in NYC? How in the world will that work?” They’d ask me with intense doubt in their voice.

As much as I tried to explain that this internet way of doing business online was going to grow, and one day be accepted by the masses, I felt like I was just wasting my breath.  

Until March of 2020 happened. Over the course of 48-72 hours,  everyone in the entire world began to understand it really is possible to do business from home, without ever putting your socks on. Or in some cases… pants. 

Shocking to think of how much time has gone by, as I realize I’ve been doing business online since 1999, helping people just like you grow their business and influence using online marketing and video. Most know me as the Author who wrote the 1st Book on Twitter.

But some of my clients “and fans” know me from the days before Facebook, Before Twitter, Before YouTube, during the #MySpace era. The first Social Network that started to open the eyes of business owners to really begin to see you could actually meet new clients simply by getting involved in social media.

Which at the time was simply called “New Media” because “Blogs” and “Podcasts” were the only alternatives to traditional news outlets that controlled the narrative for Celebrities, Professional Athletes and Politicians.

But until now, my Coaching and Consulting has been reserved for the 1st Movers and the elite who were able to see my vision, and afford my rates. Fortunately, for the Small Business Owners out there forced to do more business online right now, costs for everything has gone down. Equipment, software, access to learning, everything that used to cost 10x’s more, is now so accessible, and often, there’s a FREE Alternative to doing more video marketing online as well. 

That’s why my focus for 2020 and my new blog and YouTube channel is to share the most powerful tools and software that are easy to use – even for someone who grew up without a mobile phone. (Like most of my clients.)

I want to eliminate the tech headaches and excuses that block most people from doing more video online, so that you can get more clients online and make more money without ever leaving your own home. 

After launching my 1st YouTube channel in 2006, I took a break away from being in front of the camera, and went behind the scenes, working in TV Studios to learn the tricks of the trade. I went behind the camera to help Business Owners launch top producing Shows that brought in more money in one day, than most people made in a year. 

Serving as the Director / Producer for Amazing Entrepreneurs, running their LIVE Shows, managing their Production Teams and their Social Media Marketing has been thrilling for me.

The best Show Days on Set were the ones serving as The Producer, helping Business Owners launch 7-figure show days, running an All-Day LIVE Stream. 

And I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but I’ll admit, my favorite show day was when I had the honor to serve as the Producer for a Show with Larry King himself. (Yup, I’m never throwing that couch away. Or the Newspaper the Legend read, as he was waiting in the green room before he went on set.)

Now, I’m looking to be Your Virtual Producer, and help you do more LIVE Shows, and more Videos so you can grow your business online, and make more sales without ever leaving your home – or bedroom for that matter. 

You can even get my advice as your producer for free when you join me on my NEW YouTube Channel and subscribe (for free) to get weekly tips and tools to help you Grow Your Business Online!

The Easiest way for us to keep in touch right now, and continue the conversation, to help you get more free tools and software that my Influential Friends in the Industry are giving to my clients and subscribers is to sign up for my newsletter / blog so you’ll stay up to date on all the exciting things happening as our world changes to a digital universe.

Let’s put you in the front row, and go full speed ahead so you can get more clients, more leads and more sales — from home. 

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