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[Deb’s Diary] Deb’s Diary

[Deb’s Diary] Deb’s Diary

My heart is pounding. The elevator bell goes off and I scramble out, free at last. My worst fears of being trapped on an elevator with a creepy guy and two small dogs that need more of my protection than they serve as my protector. I push past the two guys waiting to get on the elevator, mumbling an apology, to which they seem to instantly understand when they take one look one at the shirtless guy who wreaked of the smell of beer, leaning up against the corner in the elevator who wasn’t getting out any time soon.mask_1

Okay, wait a minute, this is NOT the kind of Diary that you’ll be reading here on my blog. You’re not going to find Fifty Shades of Grey entries here.

But if it got your heart racing just a bit, then that’s good! Because that’s what I aim to do here by adding my personal stories from my life along with my business blog focusing on Social Media for Business.

Sometimes it’s the things that happen in our personal lives that give us motivation to keep on getting up in our professional lives and keep on going. (POINTS for Movie reference.) That’s why I decided to add this unique “Diary” category to my business blog that will truly be all about the Brand that is Coach Deb.

Oh, and I did actually have a creepy experience in an elevator recently, after getting stuck on the 13th floor two days in a row. On this particular day, all I could do was pray the elevator would keep going down 20 floors very quickly so I could get both myself and my doggies out to safety.

This video was recently shared on my friend’s wall on Facebook that inspired me! What a girl! You’ve gotta see how she takes care of her assailant in this 11 second video:

Watch This 11 sec VIDEO:

Am I taking a Risk with the Deb’s Diary addition?

So here is my dilemma in whether I want to add this feature to this new blog of mine.

I’ve been coaching business owners on how to start their own business blog for over a decade. And typically the advice given to a business owner as she gets started is to keep her blogs focused on one topic. This is good for keyword search as well as keeping people focused on one thing when they come to your blog.

That “rule” had me and my partner start dozens (if not hundreds) of blogs each solely focused on one topic. The strategy worked ridiculously well, and we stuck to this rule religiously. Until now.

CoachDeb.TV is my newest blog, focused on “Branding Coach Deb” for companies who want to learn from me, hire me to train their team on how to use social media, or have me give a keynote speech on social media for business.

So the bulk of the articles you’ll find here, will be focused on Social Media for Business.

But not this category series.

Since I didn’t want to maintain a dozen separate blogs focused on all the different things I do, speak on or am involved with, I decided to take a risk. By blending in a few personal stories unrelated to social media or business, I’ll be sharing a little bit about who I am and what makes me tick from time to time in between social media article series.

Plus, here’s how I feel about mixing business with pleasure.

(aka sharing personal stories from my life)

Too often, we get caught up in “the business” of things and completely neglect our personal needs. And for my partner and I, this neglect cost us our relationship. We got so caught up in building our empire, growing our personal net worth and investing in real estate, that we neglected the proper care and feeding of one another.

Painful lessons often serve as the best teachers. Because we will do anything to avoid a repeat of that pattern. That’s why I’m doing things a little differently now that I’m single and running the show.

Am I making a mistake? Well… you tell me. I guess only time will tell. Or you will!

After all, since this is a blog, YOU get to give me your two cents on how you feel about me taking this risk by commenting on this post below.

In the meantime, I’ll categorize these posts separately into “Deb’s Diary” so you can follow along with my personal journey as I travel around the world, speaking, living, working, and having a grand adventure — all on this blog. (Or, you can simply ignore these posts, and just stick to the business of social media.

Fair enough?

(BTW: you get to answer that question — and any other question — in the comment box below. I’m an extravert, so the more feedback and interaction you give me, the more motivated I’ll be to continue sharing my personal life on this blog.

And when you share your comments on my business articles, that will give me feedback on the topics to focus more on for your business.

So what are some of the things I’ll be sharing in this Deb’s Diary Category on my new blog? More than likely, things from my every day life/journey… such as:deb-frenchies-small

  • Racing cars (What I want to do when I grow up)
  • Lessons from my Tennis Matches (My favorite sport in the whole wide world!)
  • Travel Adventures (When I speak in different countries)
  • Beach pictures and inspiration (My favorite place to be to rejuvenate)
  • The Randomness that is My Life.

Ok! Onward to my Journey… that I call… LIFE uninterupted. oh wait. darn. that’s a movie. okay then… what shall we call this journey?

P.S.: I do have a motivational blog that I’ve been adding to for almost 5 years since living in Hawaii (thus the header) so if you’re wanting daily inspirational quick quotes or pictures, feel free to subscribe to that blog that’s focused ONLY on one minute motivation (with a few 7-8 minute TED Talks or inspirational videos I can’t help but share with you!)

Otherwise, hang out here for a while, and please — talk back! Give me your two cents in the comment box below!


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